Live Casino Super 8 Baccarat: Baccarat with a Twist.

Super 8 Baccarat by Pragmatic Play injects an exciting twist into the classic game. Let's see how it plays out:
Super 8 Baccarat


  • Unique Side Bet: This version features the “Super 8” side bet, offering payouts for a natural eight or specific card combinations in the first two dealt cards. It adds an extra layer of strategy and potential for big wins.
  • Classic Baccarat Gameplay: The core baccarat rules remain unchanged, making it familiar to veterans while approachable for newcomers.
  • High-Quality Streaming and User-Friendly Interface: Pragmatic Play maintains its reputation for delivering a smooth and clear stream with an intuitive interface for effortless gameplay.

What to Consider:

  • Focus on Side Bet: While the core gameplay remains the same, the “Super 8” side bet takes center stage. If you prefer a more traditional baccarat experience, this version might not be your top choice.
  • Side Bet Payouts Can Be Volatile: The “Super 8” side bet offers high potential rewards, but the odds of winning are lower than the main baccarat bets. Be mindful of your bankroll when placing side bets.


Live Casino Super 8 Baccarat by Pragmatic Play is a great option for players seeking to add excitement to their baccarat experience. The “Super 8” side bet provides an extra layer of decision-making and the potential for significant wins. However, if you prefer a more traditional baccarat experience or are cautious about side bets, this version might not be the best fit.

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